Compare 2016 Trek 711 to 2015 Trek 711

2016 description: 'This great itinerary will provide your crew with many meaningful program opportunities and enable your crew to climb most of Philmont's central mountains… if you're up for the challenge! Begin your trek by hiking from Zastrow Turnaround to Abreu for the night. Drink a cold root beer and check out the Mexican homestead before continuing to Lower Bonito, where you might see a small elk herd that frequents the area. Hike to Beaubien where you will have the opportunity to work with Philmont's Conservation Department on a stream restoration or trail maintenance project. Test your roping skills and brand before side hiking to Phillips Junction to pick up food. Continue on to Black Mountain Camp, where you will hear the calming sound of the North Fork Urraca Creek. On the following morning, shoot booming .58 caliber black powder rifles, learn to blacksmith, and start your journey to Red Hills. Side hike Mount Phillips and view Baldy Mountain, the Moreno Valley, and New Mexico's tallest mountain… Wheeler Peak. Journey back to Red Hills over Comanche Peak, collect your gear, and hike towards Comanche Pass and Black Mountain. From there, descend to Shaefers Pass where you will camp for the night. Hike down to North Fork Urrca Creek to fill up on water before waking up early to tackle the final challenge… The Tooth of Time!'

Day2016 Trek 711 Campsite2015 Trek 711 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Lover's Leap  
4Lookout Meadow  
6North Fork Urraca  
7Homebound Tent City