Compare 2018 Trek 709 to 2017 Trek 709

2018 description: 'This intense trek will enable your crew to see the sunrise from Sawmill and Comanche Peak! It will also provide opportunities to climb Comanche Peak, Mt. Phillips, Big Red, and the Tooth of Time! Begin your trek by camping at Ute Springs and hiking up beautiful Grouse and Sawmill Canyons to Sawmill Camp. Learn to reload your own .30-06 rifle rounds and shoot them at a state of the art shooting range. Watch the sunrise from Sawmill before working on a trail construction project with the Conservation Department at Whistle Punk Camp on your way to Comanche Peak for the night. Be sure to wake up early and pick the ideal location for viewing the sunrise, just to the east of camp. Be amazed by views of Cimarroncito Peak, the mountains to the north, and the plains to the east! If your crew is up for the challenge, side hike Comanche Peak and Mount Phillips. Grab your gear and continue your journey over Big Red on your way to Black Mountain Camp. Post Civil War settlers will teach you to shoot black powder rifles and use their blacksmithing forge. Cruise down the North Fork Urraca Creek and climb up to Shaefers Pass in preparation for your final challenge, the Tooth of Time. Next stop… Base Camp!'

2017 description: 'This exciting itinerary will enable your crew to explore most all of Philmont's Central and South Country. Begin your trek by camping at one of Philmont's new trail camps named after Waite Phillips original name for Philmont, his Hawkeye Ranch. Your crew will then have the opportunity to work with Philmont's Conservation Department on a new trail construction project near Visto Grande before continuing on to Cimarroncito to test your rock climbing and rappelling skills. Hike up the beautiful North Fork Cimarroncito Creek to Cyphers Mine, where Charlie and his miners will show you a good time. Explore the mine, learn to blacksmith, and be entertained by mining stories at The Stomp. From there, hike to Beaubien over Big Red and Bonito Peak or via rugged Black Mountain if your crew is up for the challenge. At Beaubien, your crew will test their roping skills, learn to brand, cook a chuckwagon dinner, and enjoy a cowboy campfire. Be sure to wake up early on the following morning so your crew has time to see the wreckage of a B-24 Bomber that crashed on top of Trail Peak in 1942. Continue down Fowler Mesa to Aguila to enjoy the view before hiking to Zastrow for the night. See if you can beat the fastest time on the land navigation course and then be treated to Dutch oven desserts and the Rededication to Scouting Ceremony. Enjoy the hike east to Kit Carson's former home at Rayado Rancho. Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2018 Trek 709 Campsite2017 Trek 709 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent CityCHQ Homebound 
2Ute Springs  
4Comanche PeakComanche Creek 
5Black Mountain  
6Shaefers Pass  
7Homebound Tent City