Compare 2021 Trek 707 to 2020 Trek 707

2021 description: 'This 7-day trek offers a variety of exciting program opportunities, on and off of Philmont property.. Begin with a bus drop off at the Six Mile Gate Trailhead and a short hike to McBride Canyon trail camp. Learn important camping skills from your Ranger before waking up and climbing to the top of Hart Peak on your way to Ponil. The original headquarters of Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp, it now serves as one of Philmont's three western lore camps. Try your hand at roping, branding, or Cowboy Action Shooting. Working your way up the Middle Ponil River, and off of Philmont property, you will come to the historic Rich Family cabin and homestead. Cow milking, cabin tours, and an entertaining family gathering will let you experience what life was like on an 1880s homestead. Make your way over scenic Wilson Mesa to visit the loggers of the Continental Tie & Lumber Co. stationed at Pueblano. Climb Spar Poles, work on a railroad tie, then be ready for their exciting Company Meeting campfire program that night! It will be a show you are not likely to forget. After learning how to be loggers, it is time to visit Santa Claus for some shotshell reloading and 12 gauge shotgun shooting. Your last morning on the trail has your crew hiking to the Maxwell Trailhead for your bus pickup and trip back to base camp.'

Day2021 Trek 707 Campsite2020 Trek 707 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2McBride Canyon  
4Rich Cabins  
6Santa Claus  
7CHQ Homebound