Compare 2021 Trek 704 to 2020 Trek 704

2021 description: 'For this South Country Itinerary, your crew will start at the Rayado Trailhead and the Kit Carson Museum. Take a quick tour and throw some tomahawks before heading to Backache Springs for the night. Your crew will then go up and over Urraca Mesa to Urraca Camp where you can test your skills on the challenge course during the day and enjoy an evening campfire performance full of music and ghost stories about the mesa. Start the next day with a beautiful sunrise at Inspiration Point, then make your way to Lovers Leap for your conservation project and head to Miners Park. Here you will have the opportunity to participate in rock climbing and rappelling on natural rock formations, or in the remodeled climbing gym. The following day your crew will hike to Shaefers Pass to camp for the night. While at Shaefers Pass, your crew can side hike Shaefers Peak and the iconic Tooth of Time! Head on down to Clarks Fork to learn what it took to be a cowboy and do some roping, branding, horseback riding and enjoy an awesome campfire performance put on by the staff! Your journey is coming to an end as you hike to the Webster Trailhead, but the memories will last a lifetime!'

Day2021 Trek 704 Campsite2020 Trek 704 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Backache Springs  
4Miner's Park  
5Shaefers Pass  
6Clarks Fork  
7CHQ Homebound