Compare 2021 Trek 703 to 2020 Trek 703

2021 description: 'This great itinerary will provide your crew with many meaningful program opportunities and enable your crew to climb the Tooth of Time... if you're up for the challenge! Begin your trek by hiking from the Zastrow Trailhead to Rayado River Camp for the night. Enjoy the rushing waters of the Rayado before stopping by Abreu for some root beer and a cabin tour. Hike on to Carson Meadows, where the staff has a search and rescue mission for you. Hike the beautiful Rayado Canyon to Fish Camp for fly tying, fishing, and a tour of Waite Phillips' Rayado Lodge. At Beaubien, your crew can try out some roping before complete your conservation project. You'll work up an appetite, so be ready for a hearty chuckwagon dinner and the awesome cowboy campfire. Wake up early for your next adventure, which will take you up and over Trail Peak, where you can pay your respects to the crew of the B24 Liberator that crashed there in 1942. On your way down to Bear Caves, you will stop at Crater Lake to meet the loggers of the Continental Tie & Lumber Company. They will teach you how to use a variety of woods tools, including crosscut saws and broad axes. They will probably invite you to their Company Meeting campfire that night, so feel free to make the short hike to come visit them again! Your final leg of your journey will take you down to the Lovers Leap rock formation. Enjoy this unique spot before ultimately making it to the trailhead for your bus trip back to base camp.'

Day2021 Trek 703 Campsite2020 Trek 703 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Rayado River  
3Carson Meadows  
4Fish Camp  
6Bear Caves  
7CHQ Homebound