Compare 2014 Trek 7 to 2013 Trek 7

2014 description: 'This program intense trek follows rushing streams, discovers mountain meadows, and traverses lofty peaks across Philmont’s South and Central Country. You will start your trek with a gorgeous sunset at Toothache Springs. Stop by Abreu for a cool root beer before hiking to Carson Meadows where your crew will help the staff with a search and rescue mission that will require everyone to work together. From there, hike west to the Notch and enjoy the overlook of Rayado and Bonito Canyons. Stellar views of Rayado, Crater, and Lookout Peaks will then be seen from the south side of the canyon as you continue on to Fish Camp. Enjoy fishing the same banks of the Rayado and Agua Fria Creeks as Waite Phillips. From there, your crew will spend two days in some of the most pristine country the southwest has to offer at Apache Springs. You will learn about the Jicarilla Apache and test your bow and arrow skills on our lifesize 3-D game targets. Enjoy the sweat lodge and work on a trail project with our Conservation Department near Buck Creek before exploring the homestead at Crooked Creek. Your hike to and stay at Wild Horse is guaranteed to be memorable, as it is one of our most beautiful trail camps. Next, booming .50 caliber black powder rifles and mountain men await you at Clear Creek before the challenging hike up Mt. Phillips. The hike will be tough, but seeing the sunset over Wheeler Peak and the Moreno Valley will be an unparalleled reward. From there, climb over Comanche Peak and Big Red on your way to Comanche Pass. Enjoy gold mining, panning, blacksmithing, and The Stomp at Cypher’s Mine before testing your skills on several new climbing routes at Cimarroncito. Visit the Hunting Lodge, Demonstration Forest, and Clark’s Fork for horse rides before ascending the Tooth of Time on your way into Base Camp!'

2013 description: 'If your crew enjoys fishing cool and teaming mountain streams, this “Fishing Trek” will be a great choice! Feel free to bring your fishing equipment and purchase a license before fishing some of the best mountain streams you will come across. Start your trek by visiting famous pioneer Kit Carson’s home at Rayado along the Santa Fe Trail before following the river up to Olympia and Abreu. Enjoy the Mexican homestead, root beer at the cantina, and a delicious Mexican dinner as you listen to the waters of the Rayado flow by before resting for the evening. Your next stop at Fish Camp will leave no questions unanswered as to why Waite Phillips loved to spend time on the banks of the Rayado and Agua Fria. Tour Waite’s historic fishing lodge and fish the Agua Fria all day on your way to Bear Canyon Camp. From there, you’ll be able to fish the Rayado all the way from Phillips Junction to Porcupine, and on to Clear Creek, where you will hear booming .50 caliber black powder rifles as you come into camp. The trek up Mount Phillips will be challenging, but viewing Wheeler Peak, the Moreno Valley, and Baldy Mountain will be an unparalleled reward. Drop down into Cypher’s Mine for the evening “Stomp” with Charlie’s musician miners. From there, you’ll be able to fish the picturesque Cimarroncito Reservoir, hike to Window Rock, and wrap up your trek on the Cimarron River. Keep cool by the rushing water and enjoy leisurely casting while you wait for your ride into Base Camp.'

Day2014 Trek 7 Campsite2013 Trek 7 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent CityTrail Creek Trailhead 
2Toothache Springs  
3Carson Meadows  
4Fish Camp  
5Apache Springs  
6Apache Springs  
7Wild Horse  
8Mt Phillips  
9Lamberts Mine  
10Cimarroncito Hike via Hidden Valley / Window Rock included in 2014 trek 7
11Ponderosa Park Horse Rides included in 2014 trek 7
Hike via Hidden Valley / Window Rock not included in 2014 trek 7
12Homebound Tent City