Compare 2016 Trek 6 to 2015 Trek 6

2016 description: 'Your crew will climb mountains, shoot guns, overcome challenges, and enjoy the serene wilderness on this program packed trek in Philmont’s South, Central, and North Country. Hike over Lovers Leap and rugged Urraca Mesa where you will participate in challenge events that will help your crew work together for the duration of your trek. Enjoy the evening campfire filled with ghost stories, music, and legends of the Santa Fe Trail. Be sure to wake up early and watch the sunrise from Inspiration Point. You will then be able to visit a Mexican homestead, drink cold root beer at the cantina, and enjoy a Mexican dinner at Abreu. Enjoy camping next to the rushing Rayado. Be sure to hike over Trail Peak and check out the wreckage of a B24 bomber that crashed while on a training mission in 1942. At Beaubien, enjoy branding, eating a chuckwagon dinner, taking part in a cowboy campfire, and riding horses down beautiful Bonito Canyon. Work on a project with the Conservation Department and continue your journey over beautiful Bonito Peak and Big Red to Red Hills Camp. From there, be sure to hike to the far western side of Mt. Phillips to view Wheeler Peak, the Moreno Valley, and Baldy Mountain before continuing over Comanche Peak. At Sawmill, you'll shoot and reload .30-06 rifles at one of Philmont's state of the art shooting ranges. Enjoy the hike down Sawmill Canyon to Ute Springs before your crew reloads and fires your own shotgun shells at Harlan. Burro racing at Harlan and rock climbing & rappelling at Dean Cow will cap off an incredible Philmont expedition! Next stop... Base Camp!'

Day2016 Trek 6 Campsite2015 Trek 6 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Lover's Leap  
7Red Hills  
8Cyphers Mine  
9Ute Springs  
11Dean Cow  
12Homebound Tent City