Compare 2016 Trek 4 to 2015 Trek 4

2016 description: 'This challenging itinerary is overflowing with wonderful program opportunities and will give your crew the option of hiking all of Philmont’s Central Mountains… if you’re up to the challenge! You will begin your trek hiking along the beautiful Rayado Creek. Drink a cool root beer and learn about the Mexican Homestead at Abreu before spending your first night at Old Abreu. Your crew will then help the staff at Carson Meadows with an important search and rescue mission! Enjoy the hike to and view from The Notch before entering into Rayado Canyon and descending to Crags for the night. The hike to Fish Camp and Phillips Junction will leave no questions unanswered as to why Waite Phillips loved to spend time on the banks of the Rayado. Spend two nights at Beaubien where you will side hike Trail Peak and enjoy branding, a chuckwagon dinner, and a wonderful cowboy campfire. Work on a project with the Conservation Department before your crew faces a tough mountain challenge. Hike over beautiful Bonito Peak on your way to Red Hills. Be sure to hike all the way to the west side of Mt. Phillips for the best views of Wheeler Peak, the Moreno Valley, and Baldy Mountain. You will then continue your mountain journey over Comanche Peak, Big Red, and Black Mountain! At Black Mountain Camp, you will be greeted by post-Civil War Union Soldiers and booming .58 caliber black powder rifles. From there, enjoy blacksmithing, gold mining, panning, and The Stomp at Cyphers Mine. Tour Mr. Phillips Hunting Lodge, hike by Window Rock and Hidden Valley, and rock climb at Cimarroncito. Visit the Demonstration Forest on your way to Upper Clarks Fork before you begin the final challenge… The Tooth of Time!'

Day2016 Trek 4 Campsite2015 Trek 4 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Old Abreu  
6Black MountainRed HillsMuzzle Loading Rifles included in 2016 trek 4
Blacksmithing included in 2016 trek 4
Climb Black Mountain included in 2016 trek 4
7Red HillsBlack MountainMuzzle Loading Rifles not included in 2016 trek 4
Blacksmithing not included in 2016 trek 4
Climb Black Mountain not included in 2016 trek 4
Climb Comanche Peak not included in 2016 trek 4
8Cyphers Mine Climb Comanche Peak included in 2016 trek 4
11Upper Clarks Fork  
12Homebound Tent City