Compare 2006 Trek 4 to 2005 Trek 4

2006 description: 'Breathtaking mountain vistas and cool rushing streams await your crew as you trek Philmont's spectacular south and central country. Weld your crew together as you enjoy challenge events at Urraca. Relive the old days of the New Mexico logging, homesteading, mountain men, gold miners and cowboys as you visit five of Philmont's living history camps where the costumed staff share their interpretive skills with your crew. Then hike into base camp over the Tooth of Time.'

Day2006 Trek 4 Campsite2005 Trek 4 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Lover's Leap Camp  
3Urraca Camp  
4Bear Caves Camp  
5Beaubien Camp  
6Beaubien Camp  
7Crooked Creek Camp  
8Clear Creek Camp  
9Cyphers Mine Camp  
10Webster Parks CampCimarroncitoEnvironmental Awareness included in 2006 trek 4
11Tooth Ridge Camp  
12Homebound Tent City