Compare 2010 Trek 35 to 2009 Trek 35

2010 description: 'Although considered the super star of all itineraries that covers 103 miles, this trip takes you through many rolling meadows and traverses the entire backbone of Philmont and the Valle Vidal. Your route takes you past the world's only known T-Rex track and by ancient Indian writings along the roadbed of the famous Cimarron and Northwestern Railroad to the end of the line at Whiteman Vega. Turn south towards the Middle Ponil and hike along the stream where you will camp at the mouth of Greenwood Canyon. Travel past Rich Cabins and over Wilson Mesa to Dean Canyon and into Bear Canyon heading toward the majestic Visto Grande camp. You are now hiking through the central and southern part of the Ranch, over Shaefers Pass to Miners Park and finally all the way to Carson Meadows. This is a trek for the rare crew whose fitness level and stamina fit the ultimate challenge!'

2009 description: 'A super strenuous, but exciting itinerary awaits the well prepared crews on this 86 mile trek. Your crew can conquer most of Philmont’s major peaks, all over 10,000 feet. Included are Bonito Peak, Big Red, Mt. Phillips, Comanche Peak and Baldy Mountain. A remote wilderness camping experience is provided while hiking much of the Philmont territory. Time for program opportunities is limited. However, your crew may enjoy rock climbing, western lore, boot branding, logging skills and archaeology on this super strenuous hike.'

Day2010 Trek 35 Campsite2009 Trek 35 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2House Canyon  
4Seally Canyon  
5Whiteman Vega  
6Greenwood Canyon  
7New Dean Camp  
8Visto Grande Camp  
9Cathedral Rock Camp  
10Miner's Park Camp  
11Carson Meadows  
12Homebound Tent City