Compare 2021 Trek 34 to 2020 Trek 34

2021 description: 'Explore Philmont’s rugged North Country and the vast Valle Vidal on this super strenuous trek. Start your adventure with a tour of the historic Chase Ranch House and spend your first night in Hells Fire Canyon Camp. Rock climb at Chase Cow Camp before making your way to Indian Writings camp. Admire the view from the ridge as you hike into Indian Writings and be ready to soak in the history of some of the oldest archaeological sites on Philmont Scout Ranch. Next, you will make your way up to North Ponil trail camp, but be sure to stop along the way to help the section gang at Metcalf Station build the railroad! There is one more stop at Dan Beard before you head north into the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest to experience the incredible ponderosa pine stands and some of the most heavily populated elk habitat in the Southwest. Wake up in the morning and hike through Ring Place for food and a lesson on weather before making your way to beautiful Whiteman Vega. You'll see parts of the striking burn scar left by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire and see how the land is recovering before making it to Iris Park. Make your way down South to Rich Cabins to enjoy the historic homestead of the Rich Family, and hear their story in their evening campfire program. Enjoy the hike over Wilson Mesa and be amazed by the beautiful views of the Valle Vidal and Baldy Mountain. Continue South towards Pueblano where the loggers of the Continental Tie & Lumber Company will invite you to hew a tie or try your hand at the crosscut saw before spending your layover at Ewells Park. Get your rest and wake up early to climb over Baldy Mountain, then drop into French Henry to explore Lucien Maxwell’s best gold producing Aztec Mine. Get some rest from your mountain summit day, as you will need to make your way back down Flume Canyon for your conservation project and last night on the Trail. The next morning, before heading to the trail head, stop at Ponil to celebrate your trek with your crew and a cold glass of root beer! Don’t miss the bus, because your next stop is back to Base Camp!'

Day2021 Trek 34 Campsite2020 Trek 34 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Hells fire Canyon  
3Indian Writings  
4North Ponil  
5Dan Beard  
6Whiteman Vega  
7Iris Park  
8Rich Cabins  
9Ewells Park  
10Ewells Park  
11Flume Canyon  
12CHQ Homebound