Compare 2016 Trek 34 to 2015 Trek 34

2016 description: 'This trek will give your crew an opportunity to climb Baldy Mountain, Little Costilla Peak, and Ash Mountain South. Begin your trek by hiking up Turkey Creek Canyon and exploring Black Jack Ketchum's gang hideout. Continue to Upper Dean Cow and rest up for the next several days, as they will be difficult. Hike through Head of Dean and listen for the sound of booming .50 caliber black powder rifles as you arrive at Miranda. Enjoy shooting rifles, throwing tomahawks, and fully experiencing the mountain man rendezvous. Hike to Baldy Town to pick up food and continue to French Henry to mine for gold, blacksmith, and explore Lucien Maxwell's gold producing Aztec Mine. Hike up the wall and be amazed as you walk down into Copper Park. Wake up early and hike to the ridge, where you'll hang bear bags and day hike rugged Baldy before camping at Greenwood Canyon for the night. Enjoy waking up in the cool canyon and continue to Little Costilla Leave No Trace Camping Area, where you will prepare for another mountain challenge. In June, climb Ash Mountain, as Little Costilla is closed to the public for elk calving season. In July and August, climb Little Costilla or Ash Mountain South… or BOTH! Continue your trek to Windy Gap and safely navigate east down the ridge to Ring Place. Set up camp before heading over to Whiteman Vega, where you will ride some of the finest mountain biking trails in northern New Mexico. Enjoy folkweather forecasting and astronomy in an area with no lights for miles. Wake up early and head south until you hear the pinging of hammers driving rail spikes echo off the canyon walls at Metcalf Station. Railroading, morse code, and blacksmithing will come to life and your crew will experience an excellent campfire. Be sure to check out the Ancestral Puebloan petroglyps from 1300 CE before working with the Conservation Department on a trail project at Indian Writings. Be some of the first crews to explore Chase Canyon and the historic Chase Ranch. Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2016 Trek 34 Campsite2015 Trek 34 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Dean Cutoff  
5Copper Park  
6Greenwood Canyon  
7Little Costilla  
8Little Costilla  
9Whiteman Vega  
10Metcalf Station  
11Chase Canyon  
12Homebound Tent City