Compare 2008 Trek 34 to 2007 Trek 34

2008 description: 'A super strenuous, but exciting itinerary awaits the well prepared crews on this 93 + mile trek. You crew will conquer most of Philmont's major peaks, all over 10,000 feet. Included are Bonito Peak, Big Red, Mount Phillips, Comanche Peak and Baldy. A remote wilderness camping experience is provided while hiking much of the Philmont territory. Time for program opportunities is limited. However, your crew may enjoy western lore, including boot branding, logging skills and archaeology on this super strenuous hike.'

Day2008 Trek 34 Campsite2007 Trek 34 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Lover's Leap Camp  
3Miner's Park Camp  
4Beaubien Camp  
5Comanche Peak Camp  
6Aspen Springs Camp  
7Santa Claus Camp  
8Black Horse CampBaldy Town 
9Pueblano Camp  
10Cook Canyon Camp  
11Indian Writings Camp  
12Homebound Tent City