Compare 2021 Trek 33 to 2020 Trek 33

2021 description: 'This strenuous north country itinerary will take your crew through some of the most challenging terrain on Philmont while getting great program opportunities along the way. You will start off your trek at the Chase Trailhead where you can see what living on a ranch in the 1800’s was like at the Chase Ranch House. After your first night at Hells Fire Canyon, you will rock climb on some unique rock formations at one of Philmont’s newest staffed camps, Chase Cow. Enjoy the scenic hike to the North Ponil trail camp, but be sure to stop and help build a new railroad for the Cimarron and Northwestern Railway at Metcalf Station. Your crew will then venture onward to beautiful Beatty Lakes in the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest. Try your hand at challenge course events at Dan Beard before crossing over into the Valle, though! The next day, be ready to be engulfed by the scenic meadows of the Valle as you make your way through the incident command post at Seally Canyon. Don't search and rescue too long, as you will need to head to Whiteman Vega to complete your conservation project, and make the short hike to Ring Place to participate in folk weather forecasting and astronomy that night. After spending the following night practicing your low impact camping skills at Greenwood Canyon, your crew will make the ascent towards the historic Baldy Mining District. Hang your bear bags and side hike to the summit of Philmont's highest peak, Baldy Mountain, before you head down to Copper Park to set up camp for the night. After a night of rest, hike to French Henry to visit Lucien Maxwell’s best gold producing Aztec Mine. Complete the loop to Baldy Town, where you will load up on food, shower, and learn more about the history of this former mining town. You can then look forward to your time with the loggers at Pueblano to participate in the Continental Tie and Lumber Company’s spar pole climbing, tie making, and company meeting campfire. The next day’s hike will take you through Head of Dean, but leave time for Santa Claus, where you can enjoy the new 12 guage shotgun range before heading to New Dean for your last night in the backcountry. The next day you will hike to the Ponil Trailhead to be picked up by the bus. Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2021 Trek 33 Campsite2020 Trek 33 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Hells fire Canyon  
3Chase Cow  
4North Ponil  
5Beatty Lakes  
6Ring Place  
7Greenwood Canyon  
8Copper Park  
9Touch-Me-Not CreekBaldy TownTomahawks included in 2021 trek 33
Gold Mining & Panning not included in 2021 trek 33
10Head of DeanPueblanoChallenge Events included in 2021 trek 33
Campfire not included in 2021 trek 33
spar pole climbing not included in 2021 trek 33
Tie making not included in 2021 trek 33
11PueblanoNew DeanCampfire included in 2021 trek 33
spar pole climbing included in 2021 trek 33
Tie making included in 2021 trek 33
12 Gauge Shotgun shooting/reloading - not included in 2021 trek 33
12CHQ Homebound