Compare 2016 Trek 32 to 2015 Trek 32

2016 description: 'This wonderful trek will enable your crew to see the majority of Philmont as you do program in the South, Central, and North Country. Hike along the rushing Rayado Creek, stay at rugged Rimrock Park, and drink a cool root beer at the Abreu cantina before making your way to Urraca Mesa. Once there, initiative games and challenge events will encourage your crew to work together and you will be treated to music and wild tales of Urraca’s haunted past. Wake up early and hike to Inspiration Point for the sunrise and watch as first light hits the Tooth of Time. From there, camp at Tooth Ridge and climb the Tooth of Time! Hike west on Tooth Ridge, eat a chuckwagon dinner, and kick back at a cowboy campfire at Clark’s Fork. The next morning, you'll be able to ride horses, hike past the Demonstration Forest, and tour Waite Phillips Hunting Lodge. Start your journey to the North Country via Window Rock and Hidden Valley. Enjoy working on a trail project with the Conservation Department near Visto Grande and camp at Santa Claus the following day. Enjoy shooting the booming .50 caliber black powder rifles at Miranda before continuing on to pristine Ewells Park. Check to see if the southeast campsite is available and watch the sun sink behind Baldy Mountain while you're eating dinner! The two day stay there will enable your crew to visit historic Baldy Town, climb Baldy Mountain and explore Lucien Maxwell’s Aztec Mine. Hike down the South Ponil for Cowboy Action Shooting and a Cantina Show. Then, enjoy the view from Dean Skyline while hiking to Dean Cow to test your climbing skills. Visit the Historic Chase Ranch and you'll be Base Camp bound!'

Day2016 Trek 32 Campsite2015 Trek 32 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Rimrock Park  
4Tooth Ridge  
5Clarks Fork  
6Upper Bench  
7Santa Claus  
8Ewells Park  
9Ewells Park  
11Dean Cow  
12Homebound Tent City