Compare 2008 Trek 32 to 2007 Trek 32

This super strenuous itinerary begins in the historic north country with stops at Indian Writings for Archeology before hiking over Hart Peak into Ponil for western lore, including boot branding, horse rides and cantina.l. Relive the days of the Continental Tie & Lumber Company and enjoy the mountain man rendezvous prior to hiking Mt. Baldy (12,441'). Back in the central country, enjoy shotgun shooting and burro racing. This trek concludes with a victory hike over the Tooth of Time.

Day2008 Trek 32 Campsite2007 Trek 32 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Anasazi Camp  
4Ponil Camp  
5Pueblano Ruins Camp  
6Miranda Camp  
7Miranda Camp  
8Black Jacks CampSanta Claus 
9Harlan CampTurkey CreekBurro Racing included in 2008 trek 32
12ga Shotgun shooting and reloading included in 2008 trek 32
10Cimarroncito CampHarlanRock Climbing & Rappelling included in 2008 trek 32
Burro Racing not included in 2008 trek 32
Shotgun shooting/reloading - 12 Gauge not included in 2008 trek 32
11Ponderosa Park Camp  
12Homebound Tent City