Compare 2015 Trek 31 to 2014 Trek 31

2015 description: 'This program filled trek will give you a chance to pass over Wilson Mesa, climb Baldy Mountain, and hike the Tooth of Time! Start your trek with a cool glass of root beer at Ponil before making your way to Flume Canyon for the night. Climb spar poles and cut cross ties with the Continental Tie and Lumber Company at Pueblano before heading over beautiful Wilson Mesa to Rich Cabins. At Rich, you will learn how the old homesteaders survived in the mountains and be treated to an evening of entertainment. Hike to Upper Greenwood and rest up for your mountain challenge on the following day. Hike to the Baldy ridgeline, hang your smellables, and side hike the northern shoulder of Baldy Mountain to the summit! Return to your packs and continue on to Copper Park for the night. From Copper Park, hike to French Henry to learn blacksmithing skills and to explore Lucien Maxwell’s Aztec Mine. The following day, tour historic Baldy Town and camp at Baldy Skyline for the night. Work on a trail project near Baldy Skyline with the Conservation Department and hike to Head of Dean for challenge events. Continue hiking and enjoy the view from Dean Skyline on your way to Elkhorn. Test your rock climbing skills at Dean Cow and enjoy reloading your own shotgun shells before firing them at Harlan's scenic shooting range. Your crew will be able to reflect on their journey at cool Aspen Springs before hitting the trail and heading to Clark’s Fork via Hidden Valley and Window Rock. Test your roping skills, enjoy a chuckwagon dinner, and cap off the evening with a cowboy campfire. Be sure to wake up early, fill your water bottles, and hit the trail towards Shaefers Peak and the Tooth of Time!'

Day2015 Trek 31 Campsite2014 Trek 31 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Flume Canyon  
3Rich Cabins Campfire included in 2015 trek 31
4Upper Greenwood Low Impact Camping not included in 2015 trek 31
5Copper Park  
6Baldy Skyline  
8Dean Cow  
10Aspen Springs Conservation Project included in 2015 trek 31
11Clarks Fork Cowboy Campfire included in 2015 trek 31
Campfire not included in 2015 trek 31
12Homebound Tent City