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2021 description: 'This trek tours Philmont's South Country, neighboring properties and a brand-new backcountry camp. The adventure begins with a bus ride to the Zastrow Trailhead and a hike to the Rayado River trail camp. Stop at Zastrow to practice skills that will benefit you the rest of your trek. Your next day wraps you around Fowler Mesa to Crater Lake where you can live like a logger, climb spar poles and swing a broad axe to make cross ties. Get your rest, a big day of hiking takes you over Fowlers Pass, over Trail Peak, and down the long open meadows to Beaubien. Take a load off and learn western skills like roping and branding before taking the short hike to Phillips Junction. Head to Fish Camp where you can make a fly and try catching a trout in the cold stream, tour Rayado Lodge, and take your first jaunt off of Philmont as you head to Daves Lake camp. Wildlife viewing opportunities abound in the large meadows between here and Garcia Cow Camp, where you will learn about Wildlife Conservation and the famous naturalist and first Chief Scout, Earnest Thompson Seton. The epic views will continue as you hike to Saladon Camp where high mountain lakes and large meadows will give your crew views that many have never seen. Cross back on to Philmont and visit the fur trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. at Clear Creek to test your skill at tomahawk throwing, then begin your ascent of Mt. Phillips. After a night of rest, head down the mountain towards Sawmill to complete your conservation project and try your hand at reloading and shooting .30-06 rifles. Your next stop brings you to the prospectors and miners at Cyphers Mine. Try your luck in the mine or panning for gold, and enjoy the evening Stomp! On your next leg of your journey, enjoy a tour of Hunting Lodge or stop at the Demonstration Forest on your way to Clarks Fork. Roping, branding, and horse rides after lunch are parts of the program, but the Chuckwagon dinner and campfire is sure to make for a memorable final night. Fill up with water and hit the trail early so you can finish your trek strong with a summit of Shaefers Peak and the famed Tooth of Time. Conjure up your memories from your trek as you hike the ridge down to Base Camp to complete this amazing experience.'

Day2021 Trek 28 Campsite2020 Trek 28 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Rayado River  
3Crater Lake  
4Phillips Junction  
5Dave's Lake  
6Garcia Cow  
8Mt Phillips  
10Cyphers Mine  
11Clarks Fork  
12CHQ Homebound