Compare 2016 Trek 28 to 2015 Trek 28

2016 description: 'This program packed trek will enable your crew to see gorgeous sunsets, climb Baldy Mountain, and spend two days at Miranda! You will also have the opportunity to let pack burros carry a portion of your gear! Start your trek on the Santa Fe Trail with a tour of pioneer Kit Carson’s home at Rayado. Be rewarded for your hike up the south side of Urraca Mesa by watching the sun sink into Rayado Canyon from Backache Springs! Climb spar poles and enjoy music and stories with the Continental Tie & Lumber Company at Crater Lake. Test your rock climbing skills at Miners Park and camp at Shaefers Pass. If you're up for the challenge, side hike the Tooth of Time and bag Shaefers Peak. Tour Waite Phillips Hunting Lodge and pass by Window Rock on your way to Visto Grande. Hike up Bear Canyon and work together to overcome all obstacles on the challenge course at Head of Dean. A two day stay at Miranda will give you an opportunity to shoot booming .50 caliber black powder rifles, throw tomahawks, hike Baldy Mountain, and visit historic Baldy Town. Pick up burros and hike to Ponil where a chuckwagon dinner and cantina show will be a great cap to the night. Eat a cowboy breakfast and conquer your final mountain challenge, Hart Peak. Work with the Conservation Department on a project at Indian Writings and tour the fascinating petroglyphs left by the Ancestral Puebloan people prior to 1300 CE. Finish your trek by seeing the world’s only confirmed T-Rex track… it’s right here in the North Ponil Valley! Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2016 Trek 28 Campsite2015 Trek 28 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Backache Springs  
3Crater Lake  
4Shaefers Pass  
5Hunting Lodge  
6Visto Grande  
7Head of Dean  
11Indian Writings  
12Homebound Tent City