Compare 2010 Trek 28 to 2009 Trek 28

2010 description: 'Your crew will become a real team by doing the challenge program at Dan Beard Camp. Learn Leave No Trace camping skills before setting off into the spectacular Valle Vidal section of the Carson National Forest for three days of hiking. Search and rescue and wilderness medicine are featured as you pass through Seally Canyon camp on the way to Whiteman Vega where you will mountain bike. You will also experience our unique astronomy program at Ring Place camp. Next, this strenuous trek offers homesteading, summiting Mt. Baldy, gold mining and panning, and a visit to the Continental Tie and Lumber Co. Finish at Philmont's original western lore camp, Ponil, where you will ride horses in the afternoon or next morning, brand your boots and gear, andenjoy both a chuck wagon dinner and breakfast.'

2009 description: 'Take the Dan Beard challenge and polish up Leave No Trace skills before hiking the remote Valle Vidal (Valley of Life). In the Valle, your crew will do search and rescue, ride mountain bikes and view the rings of Saturn at, where else?. . Ring Place. Back on Philmont, you will spend two days at Ewells Park which lend plenty of time to hike Baldy Mountain, do blacksmithing and take a tour of a real gold mine. Hike down the river to Ponil for your last great day, enjoying horse rides, visiting the cantina for root beer, branding your boots and enjoying your last two meals on the trail with a chuck wagon dinner and breakfast.'

Day2010 Trek 28 Campsite2009 Trek 28 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Sioux Camp  
3Dan Beard Camp  
4Iris ParkBeatty Lakes 
5Whiteman Vega  
6Ring Place  
7Rich Cabins  
8Ewells Park Camp  
9Ewells Park Camp  
10Pueblano Ruins Camp  
11Ponil Camp  
12Homebound Tent City