Compare 2015 Trek 27 to 2014 Trek 27

2015 description: 'This program filled trek hikes through the entire North Country, climbs Baldy Mountain, and hikes in to Base Camp via the Tooth of Time! Pack burros will even carry a portion of your gear! Start off by seeing the world’s only confirmed T-Rex track… it’s right here in the North Ponil Valley! Camp at Anasazi and tour the fascinating petroglyphs left by the Ancestral Puebloan people prior to 1300 CE at Indian Writings. Work on a trail project with the Conservation Department and camp at Horse Canyon for the night. Work together on the challenge course at Dan Beard before camping at Sioux for the night. Pick up burros at Ponil and continue to Pueblano where you will climb spar poles, cut cross ties, and be entertained at the Company Meeting Campfire. Return burros at Miranda and throw tomahawks before camping at Maxwell for the night. A two day stay there will enable your crew to climb Baldy Mountain and visit historic Baldy Town. Enjoy passing by the site of an old sawmill at New Dean, camp at Black Jacks, and explore outlaw Black Jack Ketchum's hideout on the following day! Hike down beautiful Turkey Creek Canyon and up to Harlan to reload your own shotgun shells before firing them at a scenic shooting range. Enjoy the hike to Cimarroncito and test your skills on several rock climbing routes. Be sure to try out the rock gym and see if you can make it around the wall. Tour Waite Phillips Hunting Lodge, visit the Demonstration Forest, and test your roping skills at Clark’s Fork before camping at Upper Clark’s Fork for the night. Rest up because one last challenge awaits… The Tooth of Time!'

Day2015 Trek 27 Campsite2014 Trek 27 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
3Horse CanyonOld CampAtl Atl Darts included in 2015 trek 27
4Sioux Conservation Project not included in 2015 trek 27
5Pueblano Cantina included in 2015 trek 27
Conservation Project included in 2015 trek 27
Company Meeting included in 2015 trek 27
Campfire not included in 2015 trek 27
8Black Jacks Water not included in 2015 trek 27
11Upper Clarks Fork Demonstration Forest not included in 2015 trek 27
12Homebound Tent City