Compare 2016 Trek 26 to 2015 Trek 26

2016 description: 'If your crew is interested in a mountaintop experience, this trek will enable you to climb 11,230 ft. Ash Mountain South or 12,584 ft. Little Costilla Peak in the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest. They are two of New Mexico's finest peaks! Start your experience by touring the historic Chase Ranch and spend the first night at Dean Heck Camp. Continue to Dean Cow for rock climbing and rappelling before camping near an old sawmill at New Dean. Next, challenge events at Head of Dean will bring your crew together and the Continental Tie & Lumber Company at Pueblano is an additional treat. From there, hike over beautiful Wilson Mesa to Rich Cabins, where you will learn to homestead and be entertained by the musically talented Rich family. Work on a project with the Conservation Department and keep hiking north to the Middle Ponil Leave No Trace Camping Area where you will prepare for the biggest challenge of the trek. In June, climb Ash Mountain South, as Little Costilla is closed to the public for elk calving season. In July and August, climb Little Costilla or Ash Mountain… or both! Continue your trek to Windy Gap and safely navigate your way to the McCrystal Creek Leave No Trace Camping Area for an unparalleled view of the Philmont skyline. Hike east to Whiteman Vega where your crew will ride some of the finest mountian biking trails in New Mexico. Camp at Ring Place for the night and enjoy the astronomy program with no lights for miles. Help the staff at Seally Canyon with an important search and rescue mission and camp on the southeast side of the Beatty Lakes Leave No Trace Camping Area. Hike beautiful Abran Canyon towards Indian Writings and enjoy touring the fascinating petroglyphs left by the Ancestral Puebloan people prior to 1300 CE. Be sure to stop by the world’s only confirmed T-Rex track… it’s right here in the North Ponil Valley! Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2016 Trek 26 Campsite2015 Trek 26 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Dean Heck  
3New Dean  
5Rich Cabins  
6Middle Ponil  
7Middle Ponil  
8McCrystal Creek  
9Ring Place  
10Beatty Lakes  
11Indian Writings  
12Homebound Tent City