Compare 2008 Trek 26 to 2007 Trek 26

2008 description: 'This excellent itinerary traverses the length of Philmont - from Rayado country at Rimrock Park to the top of Mt Baldy, Philmont's Highest Peak at 12,441 feet. A side hike to the ever popular Tooth of Time is included. Along the way, take time to build crew teamwork at the Urrac crew challenge camp, rock climb at Cimarroncito and enjoy shotgun shooting and burro racing at Harlan as you head across the Cimarron River for more fun. Heading up to the Baldy mining district, be sure to visit the mountain man rendevous. Catch gold fever at French Henry's Aztec Mine, then finish with a cool cup of root beer at the Ponil Cantina.'

Day2008 Trek 26 Campsite2007 Trek 26 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Rimrock Park Camp  
3Urraca Camp  
4Shaeffers Pass Camp  
5Cimarroncito Camp  
6Harlan Camp  
7Cimarron River Camp  
8Baldy Skyline  
9Miranda Camp  
10Miranda Camp  
11Flume Canyon Camp  
12Homebound Tent City