Compare 2021 Trek 25 to 2020 Trek 25

2021 description: 'This rugged trek follows rushing streams, discovers mountain meadows, and traverses lofty peaks across Philmont’s South and Central Country. You will start your trek with a gorgeous sunset at Toothache Springs. Stop by Abreu for a cool root beer before hiking to Carson Meadows, where your crew will help the staff with a Search and Rescue mission. From there, hike west to The Notch and enjoy the overlook of Rayado and Bonito Canyons. Stellar views of Rayado, Crater, and Lookout Peaks will then be seen from the south side of the canyon as you continue on to Fish Camp. Enjoy fishing the same banks of the Rayado and Agua Fria Creeks as Waite Phillips. From there, your crew will enjoy time in some of the most pristine country the Southwest has to offer at Apache Springs. You will learn about the Jicarilla Apache and test your archery skills on our sporting arrows range. Enjoy the sweat lodge before hiking to Garcia Cow Camp and learn the history of wildlife conservation at one of Philmont’s newest camps. Your hike to and stay at Wild Horse is guaranteed to be memorable, as it is one of our most beautiful trail camps. Next, the mountain men of the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. await you at Clear Creek before the challenging hike up Mt. Phillips and Comanche Peak. The hike will be tough but seeing the sunrise from Comanche Peak Camp will be an unparalleled reward. Next, head on to Sawmill and Shoot .30-06 rifles using cartridges you reload yourself. Enjoy a stop at Cyphers Mine to pan for gold, and blacksmith or tour the Contention Mine before staying the night at Lamberts Mine. Make your way down to Hunting Lodge and the Demonstration Forest for a stop along the way to Clark’s Fork. Don't delay too long, as you will want to make your afternoon horse ride and brand your boots! Fill up on the chuckwagon dinner and have fun at the campfire, but get some rest before ascending the Tooth of Time on your way into Base Camp on your last day on the trail!'

Day2021 Trek 25 Campsite2020 Trek 25 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2MagpieToothache SpringsHike out from CHQ included in 2021 trek 25
3Carson Meadows  
4Fish Camp  
5Apache Springs  
6Wild Horse  
7Comanche Creek  
9Cyphers MineLamberts Mine 
10Clarks Fork  
11Tooth Ridge  
12CHQ Homebound