Compare 2006 Trek 25 to 2005 Trek 25

2006 description: 'The views are incredible from the three 10,000 ft. peaks that you cross on this exciting itinerary. It also offers lots of "never to be forgotten" programs early in the itinerary such as rock climbing at Cimarroncito and 30.06 rifle shooting and reloading at Sawmill. Visit the Rocky Mountain Fur Company outpost at Clear Creek and an 1860's homestead at Crooked Creek on your way to Philmont's great western camp at Beaubien. The last night at Zastrow Camp, your crew will participate in a very moving ³Rededication to the Values of Scouting² ceremony.'

Day2006 Trek 25 Campsite2005 Trek 25 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Vaca Camp  
3Deer Lake Camp  
4Cimarroncito Camp  
5Sawmill Camp  
6Comanche Peak Camp  
7Comanche Camp  
8Buck Creek Camp  
9Beaubien Camp  
10Carson Meadows  
12Homebound Tent City