Compare 2013 Trek 24 to 2012 Trek 17

2013 description: 'This Valle Vidal itinerary will enable you to camp where few other Philmont treks go, see an incredible assortment of wildlife, enjoy enormous grass filled vegas, hike through healthy ponderosa pine stands, and view the rugged mountains to the north of Philmont. You will also have the opportunity to let pack burros carry a portion of your gear! Start off by seeing the world’s only known T-Rex track and tour the fascinating petroglyphs left by the ancient Ancestral Puebloan people at Indian Writings. From there, you will help our staff with a search and rescue at Seally Canyon. You will then visit the historic Ring Ranch for some folk weather forecasting and head to Whiteman Vega to ride some of the best mountain biking trails in northern New Mexico. You will be the only crew that has a chance to camp alongside McCrystal Creek while you enjoy the unparalleled opportunity to preview Baldy Mountain from the northern meadow. Make your way south back to Dan Beard for initiative games and challenge events that will bring your crew together. Next, you will be off to enjoy Cowboy Action Shooting, boot branding, roping, a chuck wagon dinner, cantina show, horse rides, and a cowboy breakfast at Ponil! The Continental Tie and Lumber Company will then welcome you to their camp at Pueblano. You will climb spar poles, cut cross ties, and enjoy the music/stories at the “Company Meeting” campfire. From there, head to the Mountain Man Rendezvous at Miranda. You’ll shoot booming .50 caliber black powder rifles, side hike Baldy Mountain, explore Lucien Maxwell’s Aztec Mine, and visit historic Baldy Town. The last night at Santa Claus will give your crew special time to reflect on the journey and everything that they have accomplished together.'

2012 description: 'This trek is overflowing with wonderful program opportunities, rugged mountains, and two days at one of our most popular camps … Miranda! You will also have the opportunity to let pack burros carry a portion of your gear! Listen to the cool soothing sound of the Rayado River as you fall asleep on the first night of your trek. From there, check out the cantina and Mexican homestead at Abreu before camping at Aguila for the night. Wake up early and watch the Rayado valley change colors as the sun comes up. You will then make your way to Miners Park for challenging rock climbing and a great traverse wall. Side hike the Tooth of Time if you are up for the rugged Tooth Ridge challenge. Otherwise, enjoy the western life, test your roping skills, brand your boots, enjoy a hot chuck wagon dinner, ride horses, and kick back for a cowboy campfire at Clark’s Fork. From there, visit the Demonstration Forest, Waite Phillips’ Hunting Lodge, Window Rock, and Hidden Valley before continuing your journey north to Visto Grande. Enjoy the scenic views of the Ute Valley and Baldy Mountain. Be sure to participate in initiative games and challenge course events that are certain to bring your crew together at Head of Dean. Listen to the sound of booming .50 caliber black powder rifles as you hike up the pristine meadow to Miranda. Spending two days at the site of the Mountain Man Rendezvous will give your crew an opportunity to side hike Baldy Mountain explore the Aztec Mine at French Henry, and visit historic Baldy Town. Pick up a couple burros to help carry some of your gear on the way to Ponil!'

Day2013 Trek 24 Campsite2012 Trek 17 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City Opening Campfire included in 2013 trek 24
2Rayado River  
4Miner's Park Food Pickup not included in 2013 trek 24
5Clarks Fork Food Pickup included in 2013 trek 24
Horse Rides not included in 2013 trek 24
6Aspen Springs Hunting Lodge Tour included in 2013 trek 24
Horse Rides included in 2013 trek 24
Conservation Project not included in 2013 trek 24
7Visto Grande  
8Head of Dean  
9Ute MeadowsMirandaConservation Project included in 2013 trek 24
Muzzle Loading Rifles not included in 2013 trek 24
Mountain Man Rendezvous not included in 2013 trek 24
10Ute MeadowsMirandaBlacksmithing included in 2013 trek 24
Gold Mining & Panning included in 2013 trek 24
11Flume Canyon Muzzle Loading Rifles included in 2013 trek 24
12Homebound Tent City