Compare 2015 Trek 23 to 2014 Trek 23

2015 description: 'This intense trek covers a lot of ground in Philmont’s rugged North and Central Country. Start your trek by seeing the world’s only confirmed T-Rex track… it’s right here in the North Ponil Valley! You will then be able to see the fascinating petroglyphs, archaeological sites, and artifacts left by the Ancestral Puebloan people at Indian Writings before camping at Horse Canyon for the night. Stop by Dan Beard to participate in initiative games and challenge events that will require your crew to work together. Next, you will learn how to homestead and be treated to an evening of entertainment at Rich Cabins. Be sure to enjoy the hike and views from Wilson Mesa while on your way to beautiful Pueblano Ruins. The hike up the South Ponil is beautiful! You'll learn to blacksmith at French Henry, explore Lucien Maxwell’s Aztec Mine, and be amazed when a beautiful view greets you as you walk down into Copper Park. Your two day stay will enable you to climb Baldy Mountain, visit historic Baldy Town, and enjoy the cool evenings at 10,500 feet. In the following days, you will journey south to Santa Claus and help work on a trail project with the Conservation Department near Visto Grande Camp. Hike over Deer Lake Mesa and check out the new rock climbing routes at Cimarroncito. Be sure to test your skills in the rock gym and on the climbing wall. Tour Waite Phillips Hunting Lodge and visit the Demonstration Forest on your way to Clarks Fork for roping and branding. Continue on to Tooth Ridge Camp, and meet your final challenge… The Tooth of Time!'

Day2015 Trek 23 Campsite2014 Trek 23 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
3CottonwoodCook CanyonConservation Project included in 2015 trek 23
Atl Atl Darts included in 2015 trek 23
Archaeology not included in 2015 trek 23
4Rich Cabins Food Pickup included in 2015 trek 23
Challenge Events not included in 2015 trek 23
5Pueblano Ruins Company Meeting included in 2015 trek 23
6Copper Park  
7Copper Park  
8Head of DeanSanta ClausChallenge Events included in 2015 trek 23
9Deer Lake MesaCimarron RiverConservation Project not included in 2015 trek 23
10Cimarroncito Bouldering Wall included in 2015 trek 23
Climbing Gym included in 2015 trek 23
11Tooth Ridge Hunting Lodge Tour included in 2015 trek 23
Climb Tooth of Time not included in 2015 trek 23
12Homebound Tent City