Compare 2021 Trek 22 to 2020 Trek 22

2021 description: 'peaks Philmont has to offer: Little Costilla and/or Ash Mountain. Your journey begins at the Ponil Trailhead for the short hike to Sioux where your Ranger can impart upon you the training that will benefit you for the rest of your trek. Begin your journey to the North up to Rich Cabins and stay at the former homestead of the Rich Family. Help with the garden and caring for the animals, then enjoy the evening family gathering to learn about the family and their history. Your next day will bring your crew into the Valle Vidal to the Middle Ponil low impact camping site, and that much closer to your first mountaintop experience. Continue your hike into the vast and beautiful Valle Vidal to make your way up to Little Costilla Camp. Your next conquest comes the next day in the form of either Ash Mountain or Little Costilla! In June, climb Ash Mountain, as Little Costilla is closed to the public for elk calving season. In July and August, climb Little Costilla or Ash Mountain... or both! Spend the night at McCrystal Creek Camp before heading through Ring Place for a food pickup and some time to learn about weather. Ultimately, you will reach Seally Canyon for an opportunity to learn search and rescue and wilderness medicine skills from a highly trained staff. Continue the journey back to Philmont and crossover at Dan Beard. Enjoy the opportunity to practice team building and communication skills on their challenge course. Spend the night at Philmont’s newest trail camp, Rabbit Ear. The next leg of your journey brings you to the home of the Cimarron & Northwestern Ry. The section gang there will have you building a railroad in no time and will treat you with an outstanding campfire performance you will never forget. Early to rise, as your next to last day on the trail will bring you to the Indian Writings for an early morning conservation project time, and then over to Chase Cow Camp to enjoy their rockclimbing and rappelling programs. Hike to the former headquarters of the Chase Ranch and tour their historic home before making your bus pickup time and your journey back to base camp.'

Day2021 Trek 22 Campsite2020 Trek 22 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
3Rich Cabins  
4Middle Ponil  
5Little Costilla  
6Little Costilla  
7McCrystal Creek  
8Seally Canyon  
9Rabbit Ear  
10Metcalf Station  
11Chase Cow  
12CHQ Homebound