Compare 2018 Trek 22 to 2017 Trek 22

2018 description: 'This Valle Vidal itinerary will enable your crew to see an incredible assortment of wildlife, enjoy enormous grass filled vegas, hike through beautiful ponderosa pine stands, and view the rugged mountains to the north of Philmont! You will also have the opportunity to let pack burros carry a portion of your gear! Start off at Bent Camp, and head up to the challenge course at Dan Beard before entering the US Forest Service's Valle Vidal. A search and rescue mission awaits your crew at remote Seally Canyon. After checking the weather forecast at Ring Place, you will get a chance to ride bikes on one of the area's best trails. Your conservation project will focus on restoring one of the Valle Vidal's many streams. Hear the pinging of hammers echo off the canyon walls as you approach Metcalf Station, and enjoy music in the evening. Climb Hart Peak, then head to Ponil for cowboy action shooting and a chuckwagon dinner. Pick up your burros the next morning and make your way to Baldy Skyline. The Continental Tie & Lumber Company at Pueblano has spar pole climbing along the way. Shoot booming .50 caliber muzzle loading rifles and side hike Baldy Mountain from Miranda before reflecting on the journey while watching the sunset at Santa Claus. Hike down to the beautiful Ute Park Turnaround. Next stop... Base Camp!'

Day2018 Trek 22 Campsite2017 Trek 22 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
3Dan Beard  
4Seally Canyon  
5Whiteman Vega  
6Metcalf Station  
8Baldy Skyline  
11Santa Claus  
12Homebound Tent City