Compare 2021 Trek 21 to 2020 Trek 21

2021 description: 'This Valle Vidal itinerary will enable your crew to see an incredible assortment of wildlife, enjoy enormous grass filled vegas, hike through beautiful ponderosa pine stands, and view the rugged mountains to the North of Philmont! Start off at Bent Camp, and head up to the challenge course at Dan Beard before entering the US Forest Service's Valle Vidal. A search and rescue mission awaits your crew at remote Seally Canyon. After checking the weather forecast at Ring Place, head to Whiteman Vega, where you will get a chance to ride bikes on one of the area's best mountain biking trails. Get a good night's rest and enjoy the serenity of a remote trail camp in the Valle Vidal at Middle Ponil camp. Head down the canyon the next day to visit the historic homestead of the Rich Family. Help them tend to their garden and their animals, and tour the wonderful cabin. Their family gathering that night is not to be missed, and will be a great opportunity to learn about this family. From Rich Cabins, head up and over Wilson Mesa and back on to Philmont property to visit the loggers of the Continental Tie & Lumber Co. at Pueblano. Help make a railroad tie or learn how to use a crosscut saw, but don't delay too long, as you still have to make it to Baldy Skyline camp for your conservation project. Rest up and continue your journey into the Baldy Mining District. Stop at Baldy Town as you make your way to Copper Park, and you can learn about the mining history of the area, and how to assay the value of ore while you are at it. If you have time, take a side hike to French Henry where you can tour the Aztec Mine, learn how to blacksmith, or pan for gold! Rest well at Copper Park, as the next morning brings you to the summit of Philmont's highest peak, Baldy Mountain. Enjoy the views of Eagle Nest Lake, Wheeler Peak,, and the entire 360 degree panorama around you. It will take your breath away! From Copper Park you will head to Miranda for an authentic Mountain Man Rendezvous. Learn how to throw tomahawks, shoot muzzle loading rifles, and see some trade items on display in their trade tent! Enjoy your last night at Philmont with one of the best meadow views of Baldy Mountain before heading down to the Maxwell Trailhead for your bus pickup the next morning. Turn around and enjoy the view, you will be glad you did!'

Day2021 Trek 21 Campsite2020 Trek 21 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
3Dan Beard  
4Seally Canyon  
5Whiteman Vega  
6Middle Ponil  
7Rich Cabins  
8Baldy Skyline  
9Copper Park  
10Copper Park  
12CHQ Homebound