Compare 2015 Trek 21 to 2014 Trek 21

2015 description: 'This program filled trek will enable your crew to hike the Tooth of Time and visit some of the most pristine camps in Philmont’s Central and South Country! You will be able to orient your crew's Scouting focus under the stars at Zastrow’s Rededication to Scouting program. Start by trekking over Lovers Leap and hiking to Miners Park for rock climbing and rappelling. Next, side hike the Tooth of Time from Schaefers Pass. At Clarks Fork, test your roping skills, eat a chuckwagon dinner, enjoy a cowboy campfire, and ride horses the following morning. Hike by the Demonstration Forest, Window Rock, and Hidden Valley before settling down at Lower Sawmill for the night. Be prepared to reload and fire .30-06 rifles at Sawmill and be the only crew to camp at Thunder Ridge. Be rewarded with views of Wheeler Peak and Baldy Mountain from on top of Mt. Phillips! Mountain men, tomahawks, and booming .50 caliber black powder rifles await you at Clear Creek. Learn to homestead at Crooked Creek and work with the Conservation Department near Buck Creek. From there, archery awaits at Apache Springs and enjoy fly fishing at Fish Camp. Hike through Webster Pass and over Lookout Peak, but be quiet as you’re approaching Lookout Meadow to increase your chances of seeing an elk herd that frequent the surrounding peaks. Watch the sunrise from the top of the meadow and you'll see why it's called Lookout Meadow! Cap off your trek with geocaching and a Dutch oven dessert at Zastrow, before touring Kit Carson's home at Rayado.'

Day2015 Trek 21 Campsite2014 Trek 21 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Lover's Leap  
3Shaefers Pass  
4Clarks Fork Cowboy Campfire included in 2015 trek 21
Campfire not included in 2015 trek 21
5Lower Sawmill  
6Thunder Ridge Conservation Project included in 2015 trek 21
7Clear Creek Tomahawks included in 2015 trek 21
8Crooked Creek  
9Apache Springs Conservation Project not included in 2015 trek 21
10Lookout Meadow Hike over Lookout Peak included in 2015 trek 21
12Homebound Tent City