Compare 2016 Trek 2 to 2015 Trek 2

2016 description: 'This program intense itinerary will give you a chance to shoot shotguns and black powder rifles, ride horses, and climb spar poles! Camp at gorgeous Hawkeye Camp before reloading and firing your own shotgun shells at Harlan’s picturesque shooting range. Work with our Conservation Department on a new trail before camping at Aspen Springs. Then hike through Hidden Valley, by Window Rock, and past the Cimarroncito Reservoir before touring Waite Phillips Hunting Lodge. Enjoy the cool North Fork Cimarroncito Creek to Cyphers Mine where you will learn to blacksmith, mine for gold, and be treated to an evening of entertainment at the Stomp. Climb up and over Comanche Peak and Mount Phillips before reaching Clear Creek for the night. There, the booming .50 caliber black powder rifles will be a great end to your day (or start to the next)! Enjoy relaxing under enormous Douglas Fir trees and learning about how homesteaders survived in the mountains at Crooked Creek. You will then head to Beaubien to test your roping skills, eat a chuck wagon dinner, enjoy a cowboy campfire, and ride horses down beautiful Bonito Canyon. Side hike to Fish Camp to tie flies and fish the same waters Mr. Phillips loved so much. Check out the B24 bomber wreckage on top of Trail Peak and continue on to Crater Lake, where the Continental Tie and Lumber Company will greet you. You will climb spar poles, cut railroad ties, and enjoy the loggers Company Meeting Campfire while overlooking the Tooth of Time. Enjoy the view at Aguila and drink a cool root beer at Abreu before being treated to the Rededication to Scouting Ceremony and a delicious Dutch Oven dessert! Tour western pioneer Kit Carson's home before making the triumphant return to Base Camp!'

Day2016 Trek 2 Campsite2015 Trek 2 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Lover's Leap  
6Lower Bonita  
7Fish Camp  
8Buck Creek  
9Clear Creek  
10Thunder Ridge Climb Mount Phillips included in 2016 trek 2
11Lower Sawmill  
12Homebound Tent City