Compare 2021 Trek 19 to 2020 Trek 19

2021 description: 'This rugged trek will let your crew hike, shoot, ride, and climb your way into Base Camp via the Tooth of Time! Not long after you begin from historic Rayado Rancho on the Santa Fe Trail, your crew will learn about GPS technology at Zastrow and wilderness medicine at Carson Meadows. Tour Rayado Lodge at Fish Camp to discover why Waite Phillips enjoyed spending so much time in the backcountry, and tie a fly and give fly fishing a try. Next, your crew will shoot 3-D archery targets and explore Jicarilla Apache life at Apache Springs, ending the day with a spectacular sunset. Visit the homesteaders at remote Crooked Creek on your way to Comanche Creek Camp. Continue on and visit the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. before making your ascent of Mount Phillips. This is Philmont's second highest peak, and once you are at the peak, the views of the Moreno Valley, Wheeler Peak, and Baldy Mountain will leave lasting memories for your crew! From there, enjoy the view from Big Red, then hike to Beaubien for branding, roping, a chuckwagon dinner, a cowboy campfire, conservation, and horse riding down one of the most beautiful canyons the southwest has to offer. Hike over Trail Peak to see the wreckage of a B-24 Liberator that crashed in 1942. Rock climb and rappel at Miners Park before your last night on the trail at Tooth Ridge Camp. Rest up and prepare for the final challenge…the Tooth of Time! Hike to base via Tooth Ridge and celebrate your accomplishment!'

Day2021 Trek 19 Campsite2020 Trek 19 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
3Carson Meadows  
4Fish Camp  
5Apache Springs  
6Comanche Creek  
7Red Hills  
10Miner's Park  
11Tooth Ridge  
12CHQ Homebound