Compare 2016 Trek 19 to 2015 Trek 19

2016 description: 'If your crew is up for the challenge… they will enjoy every second of Philmont's CHALLENGE COURSE TREK! This trek will climb over Baldy Mountain, test your limits on the challenge course, provide an envelope of initiative games (and Leave No Trace games) to open trail camps, and daringly master the High Ropes COPE Course to top off the experience! Begin by visiting the Continental Tie and Lumber Company at Pueblano, where your crew will climb spar poles, cut railroad ties, and be entertained by the loggers at their Company Meeting Campfire before camping at Pueblano Ruins for the night. Enjoy hiking alongside the lush South Ponil Creek on your way to check out Lucien Maxwell's Aztec Mine at French Henry. Your two day stay at Baldy Town will enable you to climb Baldy and shoot black powder rifles at Miranda. Next, hike to Head of Dean to encounter your first challenge course experience! Upon completion of the course, your Crew Leader and Wilderness Pledge Guia will each be given an envelope of initiative games. Work on a trail project with the Conservation Department near Visto Grande and complete the first set of initiative games at Hawkeye Camp. Hike on and complete the Leave No Trace initiative games at Webster Parks. Be sure to check out Window Rock and take a tour of Waite Phillips Hunting Lodge. Your crew will then overcome another challenge when they test their rock climbing skills at Miners Park on the following morning. Hike to Urraca Mesa to participate in advanced challenge course events and lead the staff through an initiative game or two of your own! Enjoy the evening campfire, but be sure to get your rest so you can wake up and watch the sunrise from Inspiration Point, before side hiking the Tooth of Time from Stockade Ridge Camp! The final challenge will be to overcome your fears at the High Ropes COPE Course!'

Day2016 Trek 19 Campsite2015 Trek 19 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Dean Cutoff  
3Pueblano Ruins  
4Baldy Town  
5Baldy Town  
6Head of Dean  
7Upper Bench  
8Aspen Springs  
9Miner's Park  
11Stockade Ridge  
12Homebound Tent City