Compare 2021 Trek 18 to 2020 Trek 18

2021 description: 'If your crew is interested in COPE and Climbing, then this itinerary is for you! Begin your journey at the Zastrow Trailhead with your Ranger, and pass through Abreu for a quick stop for a root beer at the New Mexican homestead on your way to your trail camp. Your first chance to climb will be on the spar poles at Crater Lake where you learn from the loggers of the Continental Tie & Lumber Co. Off to Miners Park for your next climbing experience, except this time it will be on the natural rock formations found near this camp. They also have a climbing wall, climbing gym, and crate stacking, but only if you have some spare time on your hands. Your next day brings you over the Lovers Leap rock formation as you make your way to Rocky Mountain Scout Camp, home to Philmont’s COPE tower. Learn from a highly trained staff on a truly unique tower that will challenge you in a variety of ways. Rest up at your trail camp at Stockade Ridge, as your next day brings you your first mountain climbing experience! Climb to the top of the Tooth of Time and enjoy the panoramic views before making your way up and over Shaefers Peak. Head down through Clarks Fork for some Western Lore and Branding, or stop at the Demonstration Forest and Hunting Lodge for some time with the foresters or a tour of the Hunting Lodge. Cimarroncito will be the site of your layover, where you will be able to enjoy more rock climbing and rappelling on natural rock. The climbing gym and traverse wall at the camp also provide a unique climbing challenge. Up and at ‘em, as your next day takes you up through Cyphers Mine for an opportunity to get hands on experiences learning the life of a miner, before you stop for the night at Whistle Punk. Your early morning conservation project will assist the Conservation Department blaze a trail to the top of Cito Peak. Two more peaks await you, Comanche Peak, and Philmont’s second highest peak, Mount Phillips. Spend the rest of the day with the trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. and learn how to throw tomahawks and shoot muzzle loading rifles. Your journey is almost complete, but not before hiking down the Tolby Road Trail, which will offer breathtaking views of the Wheeler Peak Range as you make your way to the Tolby Trailhead, and ultimately back to Base Camp.'

Day2021 Trek 18 Campsite2020 Trek 18 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
3Crater Lake  
4Miner's Park  
5Stockade Ridge  
6Shaefers Pass  
9Whistle Punk  
10Thunder Ridge  
11Clear Creek  
12CHQ Homebound