Compare 2016 Trek 18 to 2015 Trek 18

2016 description: 'This trek is full of wonderful program opportunities, such as black powder rifles, spar pole climbing, and railroading at Philmont's newest staff camp… Metcalf Station! Start by camping at Cathedral Rock and hiking past the picturesque Cimarroncito Reservoir. Check out the Demonstration Forest, side hike Window Rock, and tour Waite Phillips Hunting Lodge before camping at beautiful Webster Parks for the night. On the following day, your crew will love the gorgeous downhill hikes through the lush Sawmill and Grouse Canyons! From there, your crew's journey to the North Country will pass through Upper Bench and Upper Dean Cow before spending two days at Miranda, where the mountain men will let you shoot their booming .50 caliber black powder rifles! Next, create your own mountaintop experience by summiting Baldy Mountain, checking out Lucien Maxwell’s Aztec Mine, and visiting historic Baldy Town. Hike over to Pueblano where you'll climb spar poles with the men of the Continental Tie and Lumber Company and enjoy an evening of entertainment at their Company Meeting Campfire. You will then have the chance to hike over gorgeous Wilson Mesa and on to Dan Beard for initiative games and challenge events that will solidify your crew’s cohesiveness! Be some of the first crews to hear the pinging of the hammer echo off the canyon walls at Metcalf Station. Tour the petroglyphs, learn about the Ancestral Puebloan people, and work on a trail project with the Conservation Department at Indian Writings before camping at Chase Canyon Camp for the night. Explore the historic Chase Ranch to cap off your trek! Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2016 Trek 18 Campsite2015 Trek 18 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Cathedral Rock  
3CimarroncitoWebster ParksRock Climbing & Rappelling included in 2016 trek 18
Water not included in 2016 trek 18
4Visto Grande  
5Upper Dean Cow  
9Dan Beard  
10Metcalf Station  
11Chase Canyon  
12Homebound Tent City