Compare 2006 Trek 18 to 2005 Trek 18

2006 description: 'Start off with a taste of the old west and the thrill of shooting a high powered 30.06 hunting rifle using shells that you load! Stop by Crooked Creek homestead and milk a cow. Then on to Beaubien camp for a two day layover that includes a horse ride and delicious chuck wagon dinner - real food! Don't miss Waite Phillips famous Fish Camp Lodge as you hike over Fowler Pass on the way to crazy Crater Lake. Here, climb a thirty foot spar pole using logger's spikes before enjoying one of the rockin'est campfires on the Ranch. Your last staffed camp is Zastrow, site of Philmon'ts high tech land navigation program, a Dutch oven dessert feast - more real food - and a real motivating ceremony.'

Day2006 Trek 18 Campsite2005 Trek 18 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Cathedral Rock Camp  
3Upper Sawmill Canyon  
4Red Hills Camp  
5Porcupine Camp  
6Beaubien Camp  
7Beaubien Camp  
8Agua Fria Camp  
9Crater Lake Camp  
11Backache Springs  
12Homebound Tent City