Compare 2014 Trek 17 to 2013 Trek 17

2014 description: 'Start this rugged trek by seeing the only confirmed T-Rex track in the world! From there, be one of a few crews to camp at Campos Canyon, located on the Heck Tract of Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch. You will hike past bizarre rock outcroppings on your way to rock climb and rappell at Dean Cow, before camping at New Dean for the night. Hike to Head of Dean and test your crew skills with initiative games and challenge course events that will encourage your crew to work together. From there, work on a trail project with the Conservation Department at Baldy Skyline before camping for two nights at one of Philmont's most beautiful camps, Ewells Park. Check to see if the southeast campsite is available so you can watch the sunset over Baldy while eating dinner. Get your rest and wake up early to climb over Baldy Mountain and visit historic Baldy Town. From Ewells, visit French Henry to explore Lucien Maxwell’s best gold producing Aztec Mine. Then, take in the view from Copper Park before hiking to Upper Greenwood Canyon for the night. Head northeast into the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest to experience the incredible ponderosa pine stands and some of the most heavily populated elk habitat in the southwest. Camp at Iris Park and Ring Place, but be sure to mountain bike at Whiteman Vega and take part in a search and rescue mission with the staff at Seally Canyon! Enjoy navigating across Beatty Lakes before crossing back onto Philmont property and staying at Cook Canyon for the night. Wake up early and hike to Ponil so you can sign up for Cowboy Action Shooting and horse rides, before eating a chuck wagon dinner and being entertained by a wonderful cantina show. Grab a cowboy breakfast on your way out of the backcountry. Next stop… Base Camp!'

2013 description: 'This trek is overflowing with wonderful program opportunities, rugged mountains, and two days at one of our most popular camps … Miranda! You will also have the opportunity to let pack burros carry a portion of your gear! Listen to the cool soothing sound of the Rayado River as you fall asleep on the first night of your trek. From there, check out the cantina and Mexican homestead at Abreu before camping at Aguila for the night. Wake up early and watch the Rayado valley change colors as the sun comes up. You will then make your way to Miners Park for challenging rock climbing and a great traverse wall. Side hike the Tooth of Time if you are up for the rugged Tooth Ridge challenge. Otherwise, enjoy the western life, test your roping skills, brand your boots, enjoy a hot chuck wagon dinner, ride horses, and kick back for a cowboy campfire at Clark’s Fork. From there, visit the Demonstration Forest, Waite Phillips’ Hunting Lodge, Window Rock, and Hidden Valley before continuing your journey north to Visto Grande. Enjoy the scenic views of the Ute Valley and Baldy Mountain. Be sure to participate in initiative games and challenge course events that are certain to bring your crew together at Head of Dean. Listen to the sound of booming .50 caliber black powder rifles as you hike up the pristine meadow to Miranda. Spending two days at the site of the Mountain Man Rendezvous will give your crew an opportunity to side hike Baldy Mountain explore the Aztec Mine at French Henry, and visit historic Baldy Town. Pick up a couple burros to help carry some of your gear on the way to Ponil!'

Day2014 Trek 17 Campsite2013 Trek 17 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Campos Heck  
3Dean Cow  
4Head of Dean  
5Ewells Park  
6Ewells Park  
7Upper Greenwood Canyon  
8Iris Park  
9Ring Place  
10Cook Canyon  
12Homebound Tent City