Compare 2016 Trek 16 to 2015 Trek 16

2016 description: 'This rugged trek will let your crew hike, shoot, ride, and climb your way into Base Camp via the Tooth of Time! Not long after you begin from Turkey Creek turnaround, your crew will shoot clay pigeons with shotgun shells they learned to reload at Harlan. The cool hike up Grouse and Sawmill Canyons will let you focus on the wildflowers instead of the heat! At Sawmill, our world class .30-06 reloading room and shooting range is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trek. Camp at Comanche Peak and enjoy the best sunrise at Philmont from just east of the campsites. Continue on to side hike Comanche Peak and Mt. Phillips. Once on top of Phillips, views of the Moreno Valley, Wheeler Peak, and Baldy Mountain will leave lasting memories for your crew! From there, you'll be able to scale Big Red and learn to homestead at remote Crooked Creek. Next, your crew will shoot 3-D archery targets at Apache Springs before heading to beautiful Lost Cabin for the night. Tour Fish Camp to fully understand why Waite Phillips enjoyed spending so much time in the backcountry. From there, hike to Beaubien for branding, roping, a chuckwagon dinner, a cowboy campfire, and horse riding down one of the most beautiful canyons the southwest has to offer. Work on a project with the Conservation Department and hike over Trail Peak to see the wreckage of a B24 Liberator that crashed in 1942. Continue on to Crater Lake where the Continental Tie and Lumber Company will challenge you to climb their spar poles and provide you with an evening of entertainment at their Company Meeting Campfire. Rock climb & rappel at Miners Park before your last night on the trail at North Fork Urraca. Rest up and prepare for the the final challenge… the Tooth of Time!'

Day2016 Trek 16 Campsite2015 Trek 16 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
3Deer Lake  
4Upper Sawmill  
5Comanche Peak  
6Crooked Creek  
7Lost Cabin  
10Crater Lake  
11North Fork Urraca  
12Homebound Tent City