Compare 2006 Trek 16 to 2005 Trek 16

2006 description: 'This trek through Philmont's south country offers many varied and interesting programs including the opportunity to fish in clear mountain streams. A two day layover at Apache Springs provides time to view a replica of a Jicarilla Apache Indian village and learn about their lifestyle. Crews will also enjoy 3-D archery, homesteading, rock climbing, environmental awareness, Continental Tie & Lumber Company, black powder rifle and western lore, including boot branding. Your last night is spent at Clarks Fork before a victory hike in over the Tooth of Time.'

Day2006 Trek 16 Campsite2005 Trek 16 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Olympia Camp  
3Toothache Springs Camp  
4Miner's Park Camp  
5Lower Bonita Camp  
6Apache Springs Camp  
7Apache Springs Camp  
8Comanche CampCrooked Creek 
9Clear Creek Camp  
10Red Hills Camp  
11Clarks Fork Camp  
12Homebound Tent City