Compare 2021 Trek 15 to 2020 Trek 15

2021 description: 'This challenging North Country itinerary will take you to Philmont’s highest point and get you great program opportunities along the way. You will start your trek off at Ponil Trailhead before hiking on to Sioux for the night. The next day you will hike to Pueblano Ruins but make sure to hike back to Pueblano to learn logging skills with the Continental Tie and Lumber Co. and to experience their company meeting campfire that night for a great musical experience. You will hike to Baldy Town the next day to prepare for the following day’s summit: Baldy Mountain at 12,441 ft. above sea level. Loop around to Copper Park and down to French Henry to explore the Aztec Mine or do some gold panning, as well! Wake up early to get down to the Mountain Man Rendezvous at Miranda before hiking to Baldy Skyline where you will get a great view to reflect upon your accomplishment the previous day. After spending the night at Baldy Skyline, pass through Head of Dean and work with the facilitators to conquer some of their challenge course events. Next, you will hike to the newly reopened staffed camp, Santa Claus. Here you will enjoy the 12-gauge shotgun shooting and reloading program before camping there for the night. The following day you will spend the night at a new trail camp, Dean Skyline, before heading to Ponil the following day to see what life was like for the cowboys of the old west. Do some Cowboy Action shooting, work on your Conservation Project, eat a chuckwagon dinner, and listen to western music at the Cantina Show in the evening. The next day’s hike takes your crew over Hart Peak with excellent views of the Sangre de Cristos before heading down to Indian Writings for some archaeology and petroglyphs, then off to Anasazi for the evening. Your last night in the backcountry will be at Chase Cow, one of Philmont’s newest staffed camps, Chase Cow. Here your crew will enjoy rock climbing before hiking to the historic Chase Ranch for a tour and your bus pickup. Next stop… Base Camp!'

Day2021 Trek 15 Campsite2020 Trek 15 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
3Pueblano Ruins  
4Baldy Town  
5Baldy Town  
6RingtailBaldy Skyline 
7Santa Claus  
8Dean Skyline  
11Chase Cow  
12CHQ Homebound