Compare 2006 Trek 14 to 2005 Trek 14

2006 description: 'Splendid mountain vistas and exciting programs await your crew as you trek this south country loop. Interpretive history programs are highlighted at Crater Lake -Continental Tie and Lumber Company where spar pole climbing and the Philmont Story Campfire are featured. Next learn about fly fishing and tour the beautiful Fish Camp Lodge. On to Beaubien for horse rides and a chuck wagon dinner. At Crooked Creek you will learn homesteading skills and even get to milk a cow. Your crew can elect to climb Mt. Phillips and Big Red. The last day brings a spectacular hike over the Tooth of Time into Base Camp.'

Day2006 Trek 14 Campsite2005 Trek 14 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Lover's Leap Camp  
3Urraca Camp  
4Bear Caves Camp  
5Agua Fria Camp  
6Beaubien Camp  
7Beaubien Camp  
8Crooked Creek Camp  
9Clear Creek Camp  
10Red Hills Camp  
11North Fork Urraca Camp  
12Homebound Tent City