Compare 2014 Trek 12 to 2013 Trek 12

2014 description: 'Beautiful peaks, lush valleys, and exciting program fill this Central and South Country trek. Your crew will have a great first night at Ute Springs before rock climbing at Cimarroncito. If there's time, side hike to Window Rock and be excited to camp at serene Webster Parks for the night. The next day, you'll enjoy hiking a lightly traveled trail on your way to beautiful Sawmill Canyon. Learn to reload and shoot .30-06 rifles when you arrive at Sawmill. Hike over Comanche Peak on your way to Mt. Phillips Camp and be sure to watch one of the best sunsets at Philmont from the western summit. Views of the Moreno Valley, Wheeler Peak, and Baldy Mountain will be a prized reward for the hard work that it took to get there! Enjoy firing .50 caliber black powder rifles at Clear Creek and learning how to homestead at Crooked Creek before camping at Porcupine for the night. At Beaubien, test your roping skills, eat a chuckwagon dinner, ride horses, and kick back for a cowboy campfire. Side hike Bonito Peak and work on a project with the Conservation Department before hiking over Trail Peak to check out the wreckage of a B24 Bomber that crashed on top in 1942. Continue on over Fowler Mesa and through Aguila where another view awaits your arrival. Hike on to Abreu where you'll enjoy a cold root beer at the Cantina and a Mexican dinner at the Mexican homestead. Next, continue on to Urraca, where you will test your crew's skills on the challenge course and be treated to an evening campfire that tells of the mesa's haunted past. Wake up early and watch the sunrise from Inspiration Point to preview your final challenge. Navigate across Lovers Leap, scale the Tooth of Time, and hike all the way to Base Camp to finish your trek!'

2013 description: 'This action packed itinerary will encourage your crew to work together as you explore Philmont’s South and Central Country. Start off by trekking across Lovers Leap before heading to Urraca Mesa for initiative games and challenge course events that will aid your crew’s development throughout the rest of the trek. From there, you will visit a Mexican homestead at Abreu and help the staff at Carson Meadows with a search and rescue mission. You will then hike west to the “Notch,” overlooking both Rayado and Bonito Canyons. Stellar views of Rayado, Crater, and Lookout Peaks will be seen from the south side of Rayado Canyon as you make your way to Fish Camp. Enjoy Fish Camp just like Waite Phillips, as you fish the banks of the Rayado and Agua Fria Rivers. At Apache Springs, your crew will spend two days in some of the most pristine country the southwest has to offer. Make your way to Phillips Junction and enjoy the serene hike up to Porcupine for the night. Booming .50 caliber black powder rifles and tomahawks await you at Clear Creek. Next, the trek up Mount Phillips will be challenging, but seeing the sunset over Wheeler Peak and the Moreno Valley will be an unparalleled reward. Your crew will enjoy learning how to reload .30-06 rifle and shotgun shells before firing them at Sawmill and Harlan.'

Day2014 Trek 12 Campsite2013 Trek 12 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Ute Springs  
3Webster ParksWebster LakeRock Climbing & Rappelling included in 2014 trek 12
Food Pickup included in 2014 trek 12
Hunting Lodge Tour not included in 2014 trek 12
Hike via Hidden Valley / Window Rock not included in 2014 trek 12
Demonstration Forest not included in 2014 trek 12
5Mt Phillips  
6Porcupine Climb Mount Phillips not included in 2014 trek 12
7Beaubien Horse Rides included in 2014 trek 12
8Beaubien Climb Bonito Peak included in 2014 trek 12
Horse Rides not included in 2014 trek 12
11Stockade Ridge Water included in 2014 trek 12
Hike via Lovers Leap included in 2014 trek 12
12Homebound Tent City