Compare 2021 Trek 10 to 2020 Trek 10

2021 description: 'This itinerary provides a tour of the beauty and splendor of the South Country, plus a great variety of program. Start at Philmont’s newest trail camp, aptly named “Arrowhead”. Make your way directly to Cimarroncito, where you will have a hands-on rock climbing experience. The next day you can stop to tour Hunting Lodge before heading to the headwaters of Cimarroncito Creek and Cyphers Mine. This golden opportunity allows you to become a blacksmith’s apprentice and deep tunnel miner. As the cold darkness of night seeps in, the lights and lively music of The Stomp fill the air. Wake up early and ascend both Comanche Peak and Mount Phillips. These views will provide an unparalleled reward as you descend to the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. at Clear Creek, then down to Comanche Creek. Next, take the time to visit the homestead at Crooked Creek before reaching Apache Springs and enjoying your layover for some much-needed rest and relaxation. While at Apache Spring, enjoy 3D Archery, the sweat lodge, an amazing sunset hike, and pay it forward with a conservation project. Then, take a serendipitous stroll downstream with the flowing waters of Agua Fria creek for your turn at fly tying and fishing (and hopefully catching!) at Waite Phillips’ favorite retreat, Fish Camp. Continuing downstream toward Abreu and you will see the results of the juggernaut forces of geology in the Rayado canyon. Stop by Carson Meadows incident command for a hasty search and rescue before continuing to the traditional New Mexican homestead at Abreu. Learn more about this region’s history and heritage at Abreu’s cantina over a glass of refreshing root beer! Don’t chase too many chickens as the last day’s hike will be your final test of experience and lessons learned up to this point. Hike through Stone Wall Pass as you make your way to Stockade Ridge. Rest up on your final night on the trail before you make your triumphant ascent of the Tooth of Time and hike in to Base Camp on your final leg of your journey.'

Day2021 Trek 10 Campsite2020 Trek 10 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
2Heck MeadowArrowheadWater included in 2021 trek 10
Hike out from CHQ included in 2021 trek 10
4Cyphers Mine  
5Mt Phillips  
6Comanche Creek  
7Apache Springs  
8Apache Springs  
9Fish Camp  
11Stockade Ridge  
12CHQ Homebound