Compare 2006 Trek 10 to 2005 Trek 10

2006 description: 'The tall Ponderosas and majestic Douglas Fir trees beckon your crew toward Philmont's highest camp, Mt. Phillips, on this action packed itinerary. Learn the art of cartridge reloading and fire high powered 30.06 rifles at Sawmill camp. Spend a night atop Mt. Phillips with a great view of New Mexico┬╣s highest peak, Mt. Wheeler. Then on to beautiful Apache Springs camp for two days of archery and Indian ethnology. Fish for rainbow trout; enjoy a tour of Waite Phillips famous Rayado Lodge at Fish Camp before your hike down to Abreu camp for a historic Homesteading experience with root beer at the cantina, and a delicious Mexican dinner.'

Day2006 Trek 10 Campsite2005 Trek 10 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Ute Springs Camp  
3Lower Sawmill  
4Sawmill Camp  
5Mt Phillips Camp  
6Comanche Camp  
7Apache Springs Camp  
8Apache Springs Camp  
9Fish Camp  
11Backache Springs  
12Homebound Tent City