Compare 2021 Trek 1 to 2020 Trek 1

2021 description: 'This unique trek offers the only opportunity to ride ATVs at Philmont Scout Ranch! Begin your journey at Lovers Leap Trailhead and make your way to Lovers Leap camp for Ranger training. The next day is on to Urraca Mesa where your crew can put their skills to the test on the challenge course under the watchful guidance of trained facilitators. The campfire at night is sure to both spook and entertain you! Get up early for the gorgeous sunrise from Inspiration Point, before making your way to Zastrow for a layover and an immersion in ATV operation and safety, administered by Philmont' s ATV Safety Institute certified instructors. After certification you will enjoy a trail ride that will be both challenging and exciting! You will also complete a conservation project at Zastrow to help build and maintain sustainable ATV trails. Enjoy the Dutch oven desserts and the Rededication to Scouting ceremony that night. Next, make your way to Lower Bonito camp which is a trail camp in an open meadow to enjoy the beautiful views and the open skies for star gazing. You are sure to enjoy the hike to Bear Canyon camp with a stop at one of Waite Phillips' favorite places! Fish Camp will offer you the opportunity to tie your own fly and try to catch a trout. Tour the historic Rayado Lodge before making your way to camp for the night. The next day you will be headed over to Crooked Creek to visit the homesteaders that live there and help them with their daily tasks. Hiking up the Rayado Creek trail will be a special day, as you make your way to the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. at Clear Creek. Here you will learn their trade, shoot muzzle loading rifles, and try your hands at tomahawks. The next day is a mountaintop experience as you climb Mt Phillips over to Comanche Peak Camp for the night. Next, head downhill to try your hand at panning for gold and blacksmithing at Cyphers Mine before ending up at Hunting Lodge where you can take a tour of another of Mr. Phillips' favorite cabins. Your last day on the trail will take you through the Demonstration Forest for some lessons with the forester and a quick stop at Clarks Fork as you make your way to the Webster Trailhead and then back to base.'

Day2021 Trek 1 Campsite2020 Trek 1 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
4Zastrow Geocaching included in 2021 trek 1
6Lower Bonito  
7Bear Canyon  
8Crooked Creek  
9Clear Creek  
10Comanche Peak  
11Hunting Lodge  
12CHQ Homebound