Compare 2006 Trek 1 to 2005 Trek 1

2006 description: 'Towering ponderosa pine forests and teaming trout streams await your crew as you enjoy great programs in Philmont's breathtakingly beautiful central and south country. Outstanding programs offered along the trek are rock climbing, western lore, complete with horse rides, boot branding, chuck wagon dinner, black powder rifle shooting, and fly tying and fishing for three days. Finish your trek with a visit to Carson Meadows, Philmont's new program camp featuring search and rescue.'

Day2006 Trek 1 Campsite2005 Trek 1 CampsiteProgram Differences
1Trailbound Tent City  
2Vaca Camp  
3Deer Lake Mesa Camp  
4Cimarroncito Camp  
5Cimarroncito Camp  
6Clarks Fork Camp  
7Black Mountain Camp  
8Buck Creek Camp  
9Lost Cabin Camp  
10Fish Camp  
11Carson Meadows  
12Homebound Tent City