Staffed Camp (Program only);
Water: stream unpurified;
Programs: Kit Carson Museum Tomahawks
Treks taking program at Rayado: 12-10 12-12 12-20 7-4 7-12 9-9
Located at 6518; Latitude 36.36881 x Longitude -104.93298;
Sign at Rayado to CHQ Santa Fe Trail marker at Rayado Main House at Rayado Chapel at Rayado Sign on NM21 at Rayado Main House at Rayado
Bus to
Crew 630-G1, Troop 858, St Peters, MO 2017
Ranger Training

Kit Carson Museum
Kit Carson Museum
Staff Cabin
Rayado was originally named Carson-Maxwell when it was established in the early 1940s.<br>When Waite Phillips made his second grant to the BSA it was clear that the single base camp model established at Five Points (now Ponil) was no longer practical. Additional base camps were needed in the central and south pieces of the ranch and so Carson-Maxwell and Cimarroncito were created. When the system was refined once more in time for the 1969 season the fixed base-camp model was eliminated and the pre-planned trek system debuted with a mix of themed staff camps and trail camps Adobe at Rayado Adobe at Rayado
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