Tour Historic Chase Ranch

In 2013 Philmont entered into a long-term land use agreement with the Chase Ranch Foundation. The agreement says that Philmont will assume full responsibility for the operation and management of the 11,000-acre Chase Ranch, protection and preservation of its historic structures, and development of educational programs for both Philmont participants and the general public. Founded in 1867 by Manly and Teresa Chase, the ranch remained continuously owned by their descendants until the passing of their great-granddaughter Gretchen Sammis, in August 2012. Subsequent to Gretchen’s death, ownership of the ranch transferred to the Chase Ranch Foundation, which she had created for the purpose of preserving the property and her family’s heritage in perpetuity. Multiple trail camps are located on the property, as well as Chase Cow Camp, which replaced Dean Cow as Philmont’s North Country climbing camp.
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