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Did you know you can select any itinerariy from 2005 onwards by choosing a dataset to work with on the tools page?
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Horses & Hummingbirds at Clark's Fork
Photo Credit Tom Kelmartin 2006; Troop 6, West Chester PA; Expedition 709-H2; Trek 26
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Compare current year treks[Task is Complete as of 3/8/2007] Expand trek comparison to include two current year treks.
Excluded Items[Task is Complete as of 1/8/2007] Provide a way in trek search to indicate that treks with specific features (such as burros) are not to be selected.
Compare Treks year to year[Task is Complete as of 12/11/2006] Provide a way to see changes in a trek from year to year including campsites at programs.
Display infrastructure for program camps[Task is Complete as of 12/11/2006] Add infrastructure details (Showers, Trading Post…) for campsites visited - currently these details are only provided for campsites that are overnight stops.
Virtual Tour[Task is Complete as of 12/5/2006] Virtual Tour / Play a trek … Basically have the ability to review a trek in sequence from base camp through ranger training through each camp and program feature.
Clear Camp Selections[Task is Complete as of 11/7/2006] Provide a way to easily clear selections on the Camps Page
Save Trek Search choices[Task is Complete as of 8/1/2007] Save Trek Search choices so results can be refined. Currently navigating back to the search page. Also provide a way to save them between sessions.
Required conditions[Task is Complete as of 8/31/2006] Provide a way to search for treks with some conditions being required and some being desired.
Programs Nearby[Task is Complete as of 3/8/2007] Provide complete information for programs located on the trek path by 1) determining if program all program features at scheduled overnight camps are known; and 2) Indicating program features that are available at program camps the trek will take program at.
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